Published, given in shortened titles (date published) [general topic]

  • About Women (1968 French; ?1986 English version) [topic: Women]*†    EPUB    PDF
  • Agape and Eros (1982) [topic: Agape]*†    EPUB    PDF
  • Crucial Events in SDA Theology (?1986) [topic: SDA]†    EPUB    PDF
  • Day of Destiny (1982) [topic: Sabbath]†
  • Four Seers of Hamburg (?1985) [topic: Modern Prophets]
  • God, the Situation Ethicist (1981) [topic: Ethics]†
  • The Maligned God (1980) [topic: Theodicy]*†
  • Man the Indivisible (1971) [topic: Man]† ISBN-10: 8200087239; ISBN-13: 9788200087236   EPUB    PDF
  • The Mysterious “Wise, Sick Man” (?1985) [topic: Erich Laufersweiler]
  • The Mystic Omega of Endtime Crisis (1981) [topic: SDA Spiritualism]§†    EPUB    PDF
  • Omega II (1982) [topic: SDA Spiritualism]*†    EPUB    PDF
  • Omega III:  The Shaking Event of the Necheratsa (1844-  ) (ed.) (?1983) [topic: 1844]    EPUB    PDF
  • The Science of the Occult (2012 posthumously) [topic: Spiritualism and Science]    EPUB    PDF
  • World Communism in Endtime Prophecy (?1986) [topic: World Materialism]†
  • The Writing in the Sand (1984) [topic: Mary Magdalene]† ISBN-10: 0533059402; ISBN-13: 9780533059409

*In print; contact Adventist Pioneer Library. Other titles may be found on Amazon or used book sellers.

§In print; republished by Secrets Unsealed, August 2014.

†Included in the “Recent Authors” section of “Words of the Pioneers” Second Edition CD-ROM (1995) published by the Adventist Pioneer Library. This “Recent Authors” infobase can be downloaded free from the home page of APL (see the “2nd Edition Recent Authors” notice). Please note the instructions on renaming the file, and accessing through FolioViews software (distributed with the Ellen G. White Writings CD-ROMs).


  • Day of Destiny II [This title that he refers to in other works Carsten appears to have given the initial title “Dependence on Self versus Dependence on the Other One as Elements of Drama in the Philosophy of Seventh-day Adventism.” He had apparently penciled beside that title two alternate titles: “Autarkeia versus Metanoia” and “Part II, The Seventh Day.” Digitizing of this is planned.]
  • The Science of the Occult: The Fabulous Findings of PSI Lab Tests–from Westernmost USA to Easternmost USSR–Seen in the Critical Light of Christian Realism. [This manuscript was in preparation for publication when Carsten died. It was published posthumously in 2012 in e-book formats. See above. Carsten’s earlier references to it gave a different subtitle:  The Science of the Occult—Its Revolutionizing Findings about Precognition Seen in the Light of Christian Realism. This title is mentioned in Day of Destiny 143.4 and 144.7, as well as The Mystic “OMEGA” of End-Time Crisis 79.1.]

Unpublished, not in hand (but referred to)

  • Book III of the Hamburg Messages Series
  • Christian Spirituality versus Pagan Spiritualism [This title is referred to in a footnote in Man the Indivisible, page 25. Carsten there noted that this is “the main work in this series, not yet published, but presented and publicly defended for a doctorate in theology, Faculté de Théologie Protestante, Montpellier, France.”]
  • “Evangelical” Mysticism, its Charisma and its Costs [This title is mentioned in Women 115.1.]
  • In Jeopardy: The Natural Mystery of MOTHERLINESS, The Last Hope of Survival for a Dying World [This title is mentioned in Women 47.3 as already available, but its whereabouts is unknown. It is also referenced in Women 113.2 and 172.5, and in Crucial Events 49.3.]
  • The Phenomenon of Motherliness:  That is, the Part of the Story You were Never Told about a Mother and Her Child [This title is mentioned in Women 199.6, and is most likely the same as the preceding title.]


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