Conceptual Connections

Conceptual Connections Between Books

In 1968 Carsten Johnsen’s French dissertation was Essai sur l’Altérocentrisme contre l’Egocentisme en tant que Motifs Fondamentaux du Caractére Humain. When he published in the USA the English translation of this dissertation as The Part of the Story You Were Never Told—ABOUT WOMEN [around 1986], he said (page 199) it had three sequels:
(1) THE PHENOMENON OF MOTHERLINESS:  That is, the Part of the Story You were Never Told about a Mother and Her Child [never published?]
(2) The Writing in the Sand [published in 1984]
(3) The Part of the Story You Were Never Told About Agape and Eros  [published in 1982].

In 1971 he published Man the Indivisible. On pages 25, 26 he made these comments with an asterisk footnote: “To be honest, the main question here, to us, is just this one: Are we discussing a relation of justifiable dualism or a relation of the deepest totality? In our thorough discussion of some dualistic trends in history we shall deal, in a particular way, with philosophical anthropology. We shall also, in a further work,* give an historical sketch of the attitude adopted by the great religion of our Western culture towards the most topical questions of that anthropology.” The footnote stated: “Christian Spirituality versus Pagan Spiritualism the main work in this series, not yet published, but presented and publicly defended for a doctorate in theology, Faculte de Theologie Protestante, Montpellier, France.” It appears, based on another footnote on page 13 of this book, that the other mentioned dissertation (Essai sur l’Altérocentrisme contre l’Egocentisme en tant que Motifs Fondamentaux) was for another school in Montpellier, the “Faculte des Lettres et Sciences Humaines.” So it is unclear at present where this doctoral document entitled Christian Spirituality versus Pagan Spiritualism is to be found.

In 1980 he published The Maligned God. In this book again, in a footnote on page 97, he refers to his “Essai sur l’alterocentrisme contre l’egocentrism, en tant que motifs fondamentaux du caractere humain, Universite de Montpellier, 1968.”

In 1981 he published God, the Situation Ethicist.

Around 1981 he published The Mystic “Omega” of End-Time Crisis.

In 1982 he published The Part of the Story You Were Never Told About Agape and Eros. He referred at its beginning (pages 1, 2) to “my book The Part of the Story You Were Never Told–ABOUT WOMEN.  That book is a popular English version of my French dissertation, Essai sur l’Alterocentrisme contre l’Egocentrisme en tant que Motifs Fondamentaux du Caractere Humain (Universite de Montpellier, France, 1968).” That earlier dissertation, published later in English, said it has three sequels, one of which is this book. At the end of the earlier work, he introduced a defense of Agape, which in turn this book about agape and eros develops. He stated on the back cover that this book was a natural connection between his Mystic Omega and his Omega II.

In 1982 he published Omega II—The Satanic Dynamics of Modern Philosophies Infiltrating the Endtime Church. At the end of this book (unnumbered page 93) he announced Omega III:  The Tremendous Event of the Necheratsa (1844-    ) which would deal with an interpretation of Scripture that was realistic not mystical, according to the Spirit of Prophecy.

In 1982 he published Day of Destiny—The Mystery of the Seventh Day. On p. 141 he refers to his book Omega II as dealing with the concept of “synthesis” in reconciling opposites, in context of Jack Provonsha. On pp. 143, 144 he referred to an upcoming publication, The Science of the Occult—Its Revolutionizing Findings about Precognition Seen in the Light of Christian Realism in which he would evaluate the fantastic conclusions of modern parapsychology. [This “upcoming publication” was never published during his life, but left almost complete in manuscript form, and published posthumously in 2012.] Its description seems similar to the manuscript mentioned in Crucial Events, p. 88 (see below). He refers on p. 147 to his book Man—the Indivisible. He refers on p. 148 to his book Agape and Eros. He has a P.S. on p. 163 referring to an upcoming second volume of Day of Destiny. [This in turn was discovered in June 2017 under another title, “Dependence on Self versus Dependence on the Other One as Elements of Drama in the Philosophy of Seventh-day Adventism.”]

In 1984 he published The Writing in the Sand—The Part of the Story That You Were Never Told about MARY MAGDALENE, another sequel to About Women.

Around 1985 he published the first in a planned series of seven books on “The Hamburg Messages,” The Part of the Story You Were Never Told About the Four Seers of Hamburg—A Tragic Event in Recent S.D.A. History. The inside cover mentions volumes 1 to 7, with Vol. II being The Mysterious Wise, Sick Man, published apparently the same year. The man of this book is Erich Laufersweiler. On p. 53 he states that Book III will be a record of further visions and events. [Book III and onward were never published.]

Around 1986 he published Crucial Events in SDA Theology Today to introduce his planned book Day of Destiny II. On the cover he stated this “unpublished typescript” was to introduce his planned book Day of Destiny II. On p. 3 he refers to his “recently printed book” About Women. On p. 49 in discussing the genesis of pantheism he mentions how eros is the enemy of agape, as he showed in Agape and Eros, and he mentions another work entitled The Natural Mystery of MOTHERLINESS (The Last Hope of Survival for a Dying World). [This was never published.] On p. 64 he mentioned publishing The Solemn Tremendum of the NECHERATSAH in Advent History, written originally in German by Erich Laufersweiler. He reported he published Omega III and gave the entire stock to the General Conference of SDAs, and wished he had kept a copy himself. It was called Omega III:  The Shaking Event of the NECHERATSA (1844-    ), with Erich Laufersweiler listed as author and Carsten as editor. [March 2003 a photocopy was received from the printer Timothy Hullquist.] At its end (p. 88) he announced the upcoming release of “a serious research manuscript now ready for publication,” entitled The Science of the Occult—The Fabulous Findings of Psi Lab Tests from Westernmost USA to Easternmost USSR—Seen in the Critical Light of Christian Realism. This would deal with the demon world manipulating test results in highly accredited universities all over the world, and with the foreknowledge of God and the moral influence theory. [This Carsten never published, but the manuscript was obtained, edited, and published here online in 2012.] On p. 92 he mentions resuming his examen philosophicum courses for the Norwegian university students. The location was not clear, as he said “they used to be courses at our mountain farm in Alpes de Provence.”

Around 1986 he published World Communism in Endtime Prophecy. On p. 5 he mentions Omega I and Omega II, how they dealt with spiritualism, and now he needed to address materialism.

(posted 22 June 2013; last edited 25 June 2017)