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Carsten Johnsen (1914-1987) (Photo courtesy of Per Bøhmer)

Carsten Johnsen (1914-1987) (Photo courtesy of Per Bøhmer)


Welcome to the Carsten Johnsen’s resources! His written material will be freely available here in electronic formats.

Who is Carsten Johnsen?

Doctor, Professor, Uncle? See Carsten Johnsen’s Biography and Tributes.

Why this Web Site?

Who would go to all this trouble? See About.

What did Carsten Johnsen write?

See Carsten Johnsen’s Bibliography for information on his complete list of books and articles. (If we have missed some, please let us know!)

His main works are in the following table. If EPUB or PDF is linked, you can download that title!

TitleEPUBPDFIn Print
About WomenEPUBPDFYes, through Adventist Pioneer Library
Agape and ErosEPUBPDFYes, through Adventist Pioneer Library
Crucial Events in SDA TheologyEPUBPDFNo; used book stores may have it
Day of Destinynot yet
PDFNo; used book stores may have it
Day of Destiny IInot yetnot yetNo; but on file at EGW Research Center at Andrews University under a different title; we plan to digitize this
God, the Situation Ethicistnot yetPDFNo; used book stores may have it
The Maligned Godnot yetPDFYes, through Adventist Pioneer Library
Man the IndivisibleEPUBPDFNo; used book stores may have it; ISBN-10: 8200087239; ISBN-13: 9788200087236 (Copyright permission, Research Council of Norway, 3 December 2014)
The Mystic Omega of Endtime Crisis [Omega I]EPUBPDFYes, republished by Secrets Unsealed August 2014.
Omega IIEPUBPDFYes, through Adventist Pioneer Library
Omega IIIEPUBPDFNo; used book stores may have it
The Science of the OccultEPUBPDFNo; published only in eBook format
World Communism in Endtime Prophecynot yetPDFPdf only
The Writing in the Sandnot yetnot yetNo; used book stores may have it; ISBN-10: 0533059402; ISBN-13: 9780533059409

Miscellaneous information on his books:

  • The Science of the Occult manuscript was newly published August 2012, released only in e-book formats, on the 25th anniversary of Carsten Johnsen’s death, and dedicated to his two sons, Per and Andreas.
  • See the Bibliography page for indication of which titles were included on the 1995 Words of the Pioneers CD-ROM published by the Adventist Pioneer Library, and how this electronic collection in a FolioViews infobase can still be obtained by a free download.

Can I find a sample of Carsten’s writings? 

Try these short extracts. They will be helpful to catch the threads of thoughts and insights on important issues. More sample are planned.

Where can I find more information about Carsten?

  • Conceptual Connections Between Books. You may enjoy this timeline that explains (mostly in Carsten’s own words) his books and their connections.
  • AdventNytt February 2014. This periodical has a 4 page feature article on Carsten (all in Norwegian) which includes the cover picture, and an article by Carsten “The Dream of the Lost Land” along with a biographical sidebar on pp. 24-27. This feature commemorated the 100th anniversary 23 February 2014 of Carsten’s birth.


  • 4 July 2017:
    > Uploaded and linked “Was Faith Ever Alone?” extract from The Maligned God
    > Uploaded and linked Agape and Eros in EPUB and PDF
  • 25 June 2017:
    > Details in Conceptual Connections were edited, including adding a reference to another document not in hand, Christian Spirituality versus Pagan Spiritualism from Carsten’s time in Montpellier, that Dr. Fernando Canale pointed to on page 25 of Man the Indivisible.
  • 20 June 2017:
    > 7 EPUB and PDF books are here (see below).
    > Agape and Eros is to be added to our EPUB and PDF collection shortly!
    > Day of Destiny II located! This document which Carsten mentioned on p. 163 of Day of Destiny, and again on the cover of Crucial Events in SDA Theology Today, was shared by a former student of Carsten’s, and was noted to be on file at the EGW Research Center at Andrews University, where Carsten taught for 10 years. The title Carsten had given it was “Dependence on Self versus Dependence on the Other One as Elements of Drama in the Philosophy of Seventh-day Adventism.” He had apparently penciled beside the title two alternate titles:  “Autarkeia versus Metanoia” and “Part II, The Seventh Day.” We are working to digitize this document, which is comprised of 84 half pages (apparently Carsten’s favorite manuscript format).
Last Update on site: 4 July 2017